Customer Inquiry

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Customer: I used the site for a few months last fall and mainly used it to create calendars for sold jobs. I love the slideshow that is generated too and would like to use them for sales presentations with customers, can I save the slideshow to my computer to show it to them?

ERIS: The functionality of ERIS is online, like your database in the “cloud”. This means that the slideshow lives online and your device needs to be connected to the internet to view it. One reason for this is it makes for frequent, easy changes without “re-building” the file. Just log on, make quick delete/additions and you’re done. The slideshow and calendar is updated in minutes.

Here is how some of the current ERIS users are using the slideshow feature. Many are using tablet devices with 3G connections like an Android or Ipad to open up the customers file and playing the slideshow right at the presentation. Some have lap-top computers that are connected to the internet and are doing the same thing, logging on at the meeting and using the slideshow. Others are providing the customer their project URL after the presentation so they can continue to view the slideshow at their convenience, helping build interest in the project! Please note though, users who do this are acknowledging the charge for the URL when given to their clients.