Searching Tips

Posted by: admin

A quick note to newer users about searching for plants in ERIS. The new search bar above the database has been set to “All” as a default. We have built ERIS to recognize both latin and common name searches. You can change it to either latin or common, but with it set to all, you can search away regardless of your query. The key to successful searching is to look up plants exactly how you would in a nursery catalog. This means entering the genus first, then the variety you may be looking for. Here are a few examples:
1. To find an autumn blaze maple, you can either enter Maple Autumn Blaze or Acer Autumn Blaze. Another example, to locate Daylily Happy Returns, you can either enter Daylily Happy Returns or Hemerocallis Happy Returns. As you can see, use the genus or common name first, then the variety and you will quickly find the exact plant to add to your list, give it a try!