Customer Inquiry

Posted by: admin

Customer: Hello. I am a new user of ERIS and so far love its ease of use cool tools (especially telling my potential customers that I can give them an online maintenance calendar!) I have a question though. I see the “Nursery Print” button when I am in the database view, what is this for?

ERIS: Thanks for your post. We developed the “Nursery Print” function early on because of some useful feedback from ERIS users. Basically, once you build a project list of plants for a potential client, and that job then sells, your plant list is already made. So all you need to do is include the qty and size of each plant, then email it to your favorite nursery or print it and bring it when pulling your order. A quick tip: When you pull the actual order, sometimes plants need to be substituted due to availability. Update the ERIS project page with the substitutes and delete the items not used, this way your customer has the exact items in their ERIS page.