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Spruce, Colorado
Picea pungens
Fertilizing Code:04/22 to 04/23 , 06/20 to 06/21

An outstanding, popular blue spruce with a uniform conical shape. Branches are stiff, needles are stout and short and the form is usually perfect. Although referred to as Colorado Blue spruce, the species can range from very blue to plain green as well, however, most in the trade are selected for the blue to silvery blue coloration.

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Spruce thrive in well drained, acidic soils high in organic content. Keep soil evenly moist spring through fall, and saturate prior to the ground freezing. They don't like it overly wet or dry.
Fertilizing: Feed once in the spring, and again in June with an acidic fertilizer such as HollyTone or MirAcid. If using a granular product, water immediately afterwards.
Pruning: Pruning and trimming is not required. If you need to control size and shape, shear or prune lightly once new growth begins to harden off in early summer.
Special Notes: Many products designed specifically for Evergreens, Rhododendrons and Holly are available at most garden centers. Select one and use quantities according to the package.