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Peony, Gay Paree
Paeonia 'Gay Paree'
Fertilizing Code:04/08 to 04/09 , 05/16 to 05/17
Pruning Code:10/23 to 10/24

A Japanese type Peony which creates a very large, upright mound of big deeply lobed leaves. Huge flowers have brilliant magenta petals arranged around a fluffy center with pink stamens for a very showy bloom in June.

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Peonies grow well in most any type of soil as long as there is adequate drainage. Watering regularly and deeply will produce more abundant blooms.
Fertilizing: Apply 10-10-10 fertilizer around the base of the plant in early spring and water immediately. Fertilize again once the plant is full of flower buds, prior to bloom.
Trimming: Once frost has caused the leaves to yellow and die, cut off at the ground and remove debris.
Division: Peonies resent being disturbed, division is not necessary.
Special Notes: When cutting off dead foliage in the fall, you may notice new bright red shoots or "eyes" right at the soil level. Be careful not to disturb or break these eyes, as the are next years new stems.