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Coral Bells, Rave On
Heuchera 'Rave On'
Fertilizing Code:04/08 to 04/09 , 06/13 to 06/14

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Coral Bells thrive in soils rich with organic matter, amendments such as compost and peat moss are perfect. Keep plants evenly watered throughout the growing season.
Fertilizing: These plants like to be fed once in the spring and again in June, with an all purpose 10-10-10 granular fertilizer.
Trimming: In the spring, after snow has melted, cut off any dead, brown or krinkled foliage. Often times, with good snow cover, foliage will remain perfectly fine and can be kept year to year.
Division: Once mature, divide every three years to maintain health.
Special Notes: Coral Bells produce a woody crown which can be cut out and thrown away at the time of division.