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Bugleweed, Burgundy Glow
Ajuga reptans 'Burgundy Glow'
Fertilizing Code:04/08 to 04/09

Dense mats of ovate leaves are a blend of green, white, pink and rose. Blue-purple flower spikes bloom heavily in May and June. The pink and rose foliage colors will be enhanced when grown in more shady areas.

Care Instruction:
Soil and Moisture: Bugleweed is happy in most ordinary soil types as long as there is good drainage and are kept evenly moist through the growing season.
Fertilizing: Fertilizer is not necessary, but a light application of 10-10-10 when new growth emerges in early spring can benefit the plants vigor.
Trimming: As a mat forming groundcover, trimming is not necessary.
Division: Bugleweed does not need to be divided.