Up and Coming to ERIS:


  One of the best qualities of ERIS is the dedication to provide a service for the landscape professional.  Because of this, ERIS keeps a very “open” attitude about enhancements and is eager to listen to its users.  Subscribers are encouraged to contact ERIS via email or the live blog on the site to suggest features, changes and enhancements.  As of now, some upcoming features include:


New Images:  Throughout the year we will be adding and exchanging plant images.  Our goal is not to simply provide pictures of a plant, but offer views and specifics of plants that will benefit you during a presentation.


Educational Content:  We are in the process of being able to provide many different educational videos, newsletters, blogs, siminars and presentations from various shows around the country to our subscribers.


Enhanced Calendar Feature:  We will soon be adding several different video demonstrations to the homeowner maintenance calendar.  Some of the how-to videos will include:  Selective pruning, trimming, and fertilizing.