Benefits of using ERIS


From inception, ERIS was developed to aid the designer in completing professional looking slideshows, custom presentations and thorough maintenance information with unparalleled ease and speed.  While these items do remain the immediate benefit, users have found many other benefits of using ERIS. Some of the items include:

  • Increased close rates:  Showing a professional looking slide show and offering a comprehensive, easy to use maintenance calendar supports the salesperson by providing extra credibility and a competitive edge at the point of sale to your prospective customer.


  • Design Aid:  Many designers find it helpful to have the ERIS search window open while selecting plant materials during the design process.  A quick search by name will yield an image, growth habits and care requirements. 


  • Efficiency:  Each slideshow created is given a unique URL (web address).  Designers can give this URL to the customer and they can view their material selections anytime, from any computer.  This allows for extremely efficient changes in material selections.


  • Staying Current:  ERIS is constantly being updated with the newest plant and Hardscape introductions in your area, to ensure you are staying current with new materials and trends.


  • Save Time and Money:  Significantly reduce or eliminate warranty calls or trips out to a jobsite for various reasons.  Providing a custom maintenance calendar to your customer helps educate them on properly caring for your creation and their investment.


  • Customer Retention:  The online maintenance calendar you provide the customer was designed to be viewed on an ongoing basis. Your company logo and contact information is front and center each time they accesss their personal URL link.  A homeowner who regularly uses their maintenance calendar will see your company information on a regular basis, prompting calls when additional work is needed.