New User Tips:


If you are a new subscriber, using the following tips will help you get the most out of IRIS Integrated.



General Searching:  The most efficient way to search plant materials is very similar to how most nursery catalogs list the plant names.  Genus/common name first, cultivar/variety name second.

            Example:  Dogwood variegated.

Multiple Word Search:  The IRIS database enabled to begin searching after the third letter of a name is typed.  This will yield entire groups of plants, very useful if you are looking to browse different varieties of plants in a large group.  However, if you want to quickly add a specific plant to your project, utilize the multi-word search. 

            Example:  If you know you would like to add a specific plant such as, Heuchera Obsidian to your project, simply type Heuchera obsidian (with a space in between) and IRIS will filter out all other Heuchera and display only the item you need.

URL:  When you create a project and utilize one of the project tools, IRIS automatically creates a unique URL specifically for the project.  The fastest way to find this URL is to click on the "slideshow" tool once your project is finished.  When the slideshow begins, press the escape button on your keyboard to end the slideshow.  A static page will then display the URL.

            Note:  Subscribers utilize and offer this URL to their customers in many different ways.  One common use is to print the URL on the proposal being given to the clients during the presentation.  This will allow your customers to review the slideshow of materials being proposed at their convenience, further exciting them about their potential project.

Slideshow Order ToolAll designers have their own unique way of giving a presentation to their potential customers.  Many like to put their materials in a specific order based on the design and how they will present it.  The order tool looks like four small green arrows that make a square (or a "plus" sign of arrows when the cursor hovers over it). This tool is located on the left side of the material name.  Simply click and hold the tool to drag the item name up or down to change where that item is displayed within the slideshow.

Publishing a Project:  This feature allows the actual viewing of the slideshow and maintenance calendar.  When a project is not published, even the creator cannot view the slideshow and calendar. 

            Note:  You can select the publish status at the time of creating/adding a project. Also, underneath the name of your project when it is open, you will see the published status as "yes" or "no".  You are able to edit the status from here as well. 

Nursery Print:  This tool will display a list of all materials within your project and give you the ability to enter the quantity and size for each item.  Many subscribers use this feature to print and fax to their nursery to place an order, or utilize it as an organized list at the nursery for those who prefer to pull their own plant material.



Remember, you can always contact IRIS anytime from the home page if you have questions about how to use any part of InsideIRIS.